Masahiko Inada
Venture Advisor / EIR
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Masahiko focuses on investing in innovative startups in artificial intelligence, IoT, manufacturing, and the digital marketing area.

Before joining DNX Ventures, he founded Kabuku Inc. with a vision of democratizing the manufacturing world. Using 3D Printing technology, Kabuku launched a digital manufacturing platform.  Partnering with Tier 4, an autonomous vehicle technology compay, and providing Toyota and Honda with customized car parts, the company garnered great attention from the automobile industry. In September 2017, Kabuku was acquired by Futaba Inc., a giant manufacturer and distributor of electronic components and systems.

Masahiko holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Tokyo, where he researched Artificial Intelligence. He joined Hakuhodo Inc., one of the major ad agencies in Japan, where he was in charge of new business development and creativity developments. He received numerous awards, including the Cannes, ADFEST, London International Awards, and TIAA.

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