Masa joined DNX Ventures in September 2018 to bring his expertise in Ecommerce, Media, Enterprise SaaS, and Fintech from his diverse experiences. Prior to DNX, he served as Deputy General Manager at SMBC Venture Capital since 2010 where he led the firm's investments in more than 40 startup companies including TeamSpirit(TSE 4397), Cook Biz(TSE 6558), Global Group Corp. (TSE6189), Smarby (Acquired by Stripe International), Rcube inc (Acquired by Kufu Company), and MBS (Acquired by A&D Company). "I believe that startup founders are the heroes and heroines in the venture business. They strive to grow their business and I would like to be the investor who can work alongside them. By discovering and supporting companies that have a significant impact on existing industries, I am aiming to realize the development of the VC industry which I believe will help the advancement of the Japanese economy. "Masa holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law from Chuo University and MBA from Globis University Graduate School of Management.

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Masa Hattori
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